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A grey space in a black and white world.

How do you find nuance in between the extremes?

A comet with a greenish shade against a starry night sky
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Me, me, me

The importance of progression plans

Me, me, me
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Your own kind of leader

Leadership lessons from the other side of the globe

yellow crocus buds with green leaves pushing through grass covered in snow
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Thank you for the thank you

Women and climate justice

pale pink and deep pink flowers with green stems and leaves - some are still in bud
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Setting intentions

When did resolutions become intentions?

A muddy path leads across a field towards some low trees. A reservoir lies beyond. The sky is heavy and grey
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The End. (Not the end).

Diversity without inclusion is hurting people and I love Knox!

Night sky with outline of an curved building in the foreground. A shooting star streaks from top left to bottom right
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Earth is now our only shareholder

Putting back what we take out

A photograph of Planet Earth against a black backdrop
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We want ourselves alive

16 days of activism against Gender-Based Violence

Black and white graphic showing three women one in a witch's hat words in Spanish
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Could this meeting be an email?

Are meetings the best way to get stuff done? Plus charity anniversaries and what next after Twitter

three children sitting at a table - one covering their eyes, another their ears, and the third, their mouth
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Let's play catch up

For the first time ever I'm not looking forward to the football World Cup. This makes me really sad.

little girl with long dark hair in a pink ribbon wearing a green jacket catching a bubble outside in the park