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They brought more than one sign

Be prepared

Lucy Caldicott
Lucy Caldicott
2 min read
Two white women among audience of people hold up a yellow banner which read "Who Voted for this?" with Greenpeace logo
Greenpeace protesters at CPC22

Liz Truss' Conservative Party conference speech in which she talked about fracking with consent was disrupted by two protesters. They turned out to be Greenpeace UK’s head of public affairs, Rebecca Newsom, and policy officer, Ami McCarthy, who held up a sign reading "Who voted for this?".

When that sign was confiscated by security guards, they held up another one. "They brought more than one sign" trended briefly on Twitter. I smiled to myself thinking of all the times I have back ups for my back ups.

I'm also happy to see the level of political activism at some of our biggest charities recently. Well done, RSPB.

Links of the week 🖇️

This Pro Bono Economics event on what the Government's (current) spending plans mean for charity finances might be of interest

Bond has published this anti racism guide.

David Lacey has kicked off a discussion about the need for a network for fundraisers from working class backgrounds.

Day of the Week 📆

It was National Poetry Day this week.

Each year we come together because voices, words and stories help to bridge understanding in our community.

What am I reading? 📚

In honour of National Poetry Day, I re-read Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood.

It is Spring, moonless night in the small town, starless and bible-black, the cobblestreets silent and the hunched, courters'-and- rabbits' wood limping invisible down to the sloeblack, slow, black, crowblack, fishingboat-bobbing sea.

I recommend the Richard Burton audio version.

What am I watching? 👀

I wasted some time watching Inside Man so you don't have to.

What am I listening to?👂

How about a bit of Johnny Marr?

A track to win elections to.

Joy-giving things 😍

Here's a happy tree from the other end of my road

A tree with red leaves on a grass verge. Some houses and a road beyond. The sky is blue
Tree - photo by me

Have a great weekend.

Lucy x

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