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ChangeOut is a social justice consultancy working with charities, activists and campaigners on a range of projects from strategy to operations, from governance to delivery, from fundraising to communications. Equity, representation, and inclusivity are at the very heart of our work.

ChangeOut catalyses, encourages and supports change. We’re not afraid to have difficult conversations, recommend new organisational structures, alternative ways of recruiting and developing staff, and different ways of delivering programmes, campaigning and fundraising. We believe in supporting people to do their very best.

Lucy, ChangeOut's founder, publishes a regular newsletter sharing latest articles on equality, social justice, politics, and anything else that grabs her attention. Join over 500 subscribers to access the full archive and make sure you don't miss one.

"This is such rich fruitcake of a newsletter," said one happy customer.

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The newsletter

I write a regular newsletter about my adventures navigating issues of equality, equity, social justice, and diversity: the work I’m doing, the campaigns I’m involved in, people I’ve met, what I’m listening to and the books I’m reading. Even the music I’m listening to

The newsletter

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Webs we weave

If we can't say institutional, what can we say?

cobweb with dew drops
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Words matter

Inclusive language and reducing your online carbon footprint.

Two white hands are held out. words in different coloured ink are painted on the palms and fingers
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Parallels with the past

Workplace organising - then and now.

Train tracks bend to the left into the distance where there are trees and grass