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Lucy Caldicott

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Webs we weave

If we can't say institutional, what can we say?

cobweb with dew drops
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Words matter

Inclusive language and reducing your online carbon footprint.

Two white hands are held out. words in different coloured ink are painted on the palms and fingers
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Parallels with the past

Workplace organising - then and now.

Train tracks bend to the left into the distance where there are trees and grass
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Whatever you are is enough

Some reflections on International Women's Day

A full plate of all kinds of different coloured salad
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Plugging away

Just keep going

blades of green grass pushing through grey tarmac
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How others see us

Why is there so often a disconnect between humility and talent?

A woman kneels before a dog which is up on its hind legs. Their hands and paws are touching
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And then we win…

Keeping going in politics, Race Equality week, and poverty and car ownership

sun behind clouds with rays emerging
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A grey space in a black and white world.

How do you find nuance in between the extremes?

A comet with a greenish shade against a starry night sky
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Me, me, me

The importance of progression plans

A group of children at the table with their hands up
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Your own kind of leader

Leadership lessons from the other side of the globe

yellow crocus buds with green leaves pushing through grass covered in snow