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Change every day

Here's to change every day!

Lucy Caldicott
Lucy Caldicott
2 min read
looking up a tree trunk at brown leaves. a blue sky is visible
Looking at a blue sky through brown leaves - photo by me

When I started as Chief Executive at UpRising, there was a sporadic, loud beep noise in the office. It was a burglar alarm that needed resetting and no one had the pin code. I couldn't believe that the team were putting up with it. Apparently they had all just got used to it after a while. And, to be fair, it was a busy office with lots of more important and urgent things to do.

As Chief Executive, clearly I didn't have anything more important or urgent to do so I got someone to help me contact the alarm company, identify that the default PIN code had never been changed, and the power to eliminate the beep was in our hands.

I remember that beep from time to time as an example of the things that you notice when you're new in post, but you get used to after a while. My advice is: Fix them while they're still annoying! And, while it may not seem that important a thing to focus on, I think fixing it sent a strong message that employee wellbeing was important to me.

It's Autumn, the season of change but how about trying to keep the spirit of change with you every day in every season, not just on day one in a new job, or when the leaves are falling from the trees?

I loved reading these words in the new Children in Need funding strategy:  

the organisation’s new grant-making strategy is driven by the power and agency of children and young people

Read more here. I also applaud the openness in which they've shared what they've learned during the pandemic

Links of the week 🖇️

I loved this blog "Charities are too respectable to win change."

Dreaming of an anti-racist charity sector. This blog from Charity So White is worth a read.

And, over in the corporate sector, here is Buffer's reflections on moving to a four day work week.  

Learning points 🎓

Those who serve will be loved and remembered longer than those who cling to power and privilege are long forgotten

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

Day of the Week 📆

Today is the autumn equinox - bye, bye Summer

What am I reading? 📚

Without warning and only sometimes is Kit de Waal's excellent and moving autobiography.

What am I watching? 👀

If it's Autumn, it must be the season for a bit of Nordic noir and we're watching The Lorenskog Disappearance.

Joy-giving things 😍

I've been enjoying watching our Battersea London moggies exploring their new grassy and leafy garden.

A black and white cat is sitting under a wooden table with plant pots on it
Mo in the garden

Have a great weekend

Lucy x

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