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What's this ChangeOut all about then?

ChangeOut is a social enterprise and consultancy working with charities, activists and campaigners

Lucy Caldicott
Lucy Caldicott
1 min read
What's this ChangeOut all about then?

Over the past few months since I dedicated myself full-time to ChangeOut, I’ve been chatting to lots of people about what it is. This has been a huge amount of fun, but has also helped me clarify my ideas and gain valuable feedback.

So…here goes. ChangeOut is a social enterprise and consultancy working with charities, activists and campaigners, helping them on a range of projects from strategy to operations, from governance to delivery, from fundraising to communications. Diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our work which draws on different experts for different projects. With direct experience in charity leadership, encompassing operations, fundraising and communications, we can help you develop your strategy and deliver operational projects.

One of the things that is central to ChangeOut is that it’s an organisation with a social purpose. We will never compromise on this. All of our clients are charities, non-profits and other social enterprises. In addition, we invest a large portion of our time on pro bono work, alongside our paid client work. This includes advising the Institute of Fundraising’s Change Collective, offering mentoring, and launching an Equality Book Club aimed at voluntary sector staff.

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